When we were growing up we read magazines like "THRASHER" and Transworld skate and snow religiously. They always did these " Check Out's " and " Minor Threats ". It was good way for people to find up and coming riders, who they shredded for and some back ground on them and their personalities. With the inspiration from our youth we give you the BBK " BREAKOÜT ". Enjoy.







its @senorr_rex.


Rob Moore


Torrance, Ca

Date of birth:

Dec 1989

What bike do you ride?

2017 Street Bob

What upgrades have you done?

Suspension front and back, chain drive, barnett scorpion clutch, wreckless mfg crash bar and shred ledge, and a ton of little things like bars/risers, pegs and levers. Motor and trans are stock. 

Favorite Food?

Popcorn all day 


My wife? Just kidding. I don’t have any, but all the support from her and the homies keeps me grinding!

Favorite City?

Phuket, Thailand...they even got a little Harley store

Three favorite riders?

Sdewys_  , Fxdf_Matty , and Mickkkbro - the energy and support these guys put out is unreal

Who has influenced you?

Too many to list. I remember watching  Str8up_Rogerdood back in like 2014 I think. He had that iconic mouse trap ninja save, super gnarly. Feel like he paved the way for the rest of us along with the Unknown guys. 

Favorite riding spot?

Anywhere with the Krüe

Wheelie or drift?


Whats your favorite part about the Harley Scene?

No matter what Harley wheelies don’t get old. 

Whats a trick you want to learn?

Hand drags. 

Good advice you have been given?

Once you get a trick once, don’t stop , keep doing it a few times.  And don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get it again right away the next time you ride.  

Who is your favorite Upcoming rider?

Alex.farnsworth_   Dudes a natural and I can’t wait to see him this spring on his dyna more. 

Lots or streets?

Lots. Streets definitely look cooler tho. 

Burritos or Tacos?

Burritos unless it’s Tuesday


What are you looking forward to most in the new year?

Another year with my wife and the killer people I met this year.  Also hand drags. And also the whole squad doing wheelies together. 

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